The Return on Investment

The problem with investing in nuclear energy is that it takes 10 years to see returns. But the returns are excellent and reliable after that. Why not encourage a new kind of bond or investment fund that is risk free and returns a competitive rate based on probable (nearly guaranteed) returns.

Robert Hargraves compares costs and sets target for costs of nuclear

Who should pay?

Wall Street has the much needed capital and investors expect to see a return on it. Government investment in new nuclear is cutting back on spending. So in order to maximize our chances we need to get reactors built at competitive prices or use alternative financing models.

This quote from Bernard Cohen's 1990 book "The Nuclear Energy Option" is still very relevant

Hyper-regulation!!! - the main cause of nuclear build costs

How competetive would nuclear be if regulation were set on an even playing field. That is what if the same scrutiny were imposed on all other energy types. Coal would have stopped decades ago.

Questions we need to answer

  1. How can we improve the current system of licensing which takes years to get a new site approved for construction?
  2. NRC is currently unwilling to consider new designs that have no commercial interest
  3. NRC reforms could improve incentives for licensing new reactor technologies such as SMRs, thorium reactors, and fast reactors?
  4. How is nuclear energy good for the environment
  5. What can be done to remove the financial risk premium to nuclear builds?
  6. What can be done to bring more nuclear builds in on time and under-budget?
  7. How do we push harder on the cost barriers to nuclear?